Ronda Rousey Will Be Absent From One Of The Most Significant WWE Events In 2023

The RAW episode airing on January 23rd won’t feature Ronda Rousey. It not only serves as the final episode of the Royal Rumble 2023, but it also celebrates the Monday Night Show’s 30th anniversary. The Baddest Woman on the Planet was promoted for the 30th-anniversary episode.

It isn’t surprising given that the show also promoted other well-known athletes like Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Bobby Lashley, and Seth Rollins. Several days prior to the Royal Rumble, RAW is likely to feature a lot more action than SmackDown, which airs the day before. The initial promotion for Ronda Rousey was for the RAW episode airing on January 23, which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest WWE events of the year.

However, it is evident from a look at that it no longer promotes the former SmackDown Women’s Champion. Ronda Rousey had a rather unimpressive year in 2022. Having won the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice, both of her reigns ended due to Charlotte Flair’s successful cash-in on the Money in the Bank briefcase and the briefcase itself.

Rodriguez challenged Rousey

After a seven-month absence, The Queen made a comeback and demanded a shot at the championship after Ronda Rousey defeated Raquel Rodriguez in SmackDown 2022’s final episode. That might have best described her year, which was less memorable than her first assignment. However, Rousey teased joining forces with her ally and friend Shayna Baszler to compete for the Women’s Tag Team Championship after dropping the crown.

A target is always on your back when you’re the champion, and Ronda Rousey is currently serving her second reign as the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion. On the December 23 episode of SmackDown, Raquel Rodriguez finally defeated former women’s champion, Liv Morgan, to win a Gauntlet Match. She will be the next to take on Rousey for the title as a result of her victory. The earlier 2022 that Rodriguez challenged Rousey, the more successful Rousey was.


Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.