Ronda Rousey Was Advised To Change Her Attitude In WWE

Ronda Rousey is one of the biggest stars currently signed with WWE. Dubbed the ‘Baddest Women in the World’, she is a role model for girls who seek independence and identity by defying societal norms. Her story is full of hardships and bumps in the road. But one thing fans didn’t like about her was her attitude.

Whether it was WWE or UFC, the fans booed. While she was respected, Rousey was always the heel in the match with the opponent being the underdog. And we all know how much people love underdogs. And the former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion played the part perfectly. But he’s humming a different tune since his return to the squared circle.

In a rare interview with Daniel Cormier, Rousey asks about her babyface return to WWE. Ronda replied, “That’s what I expected! I walked out with my guard up and I guess I couldn’t enjoy the moment because… that’s what I got on the way out. I blocked them and wouldn’t let them in. And I just went in and did my job and left, and I think I kind of missed the opportunity to enjoy the moment because I expected the worst from people. And that’s how the WWE Universe gets you.”

“I know and I should have come back as a heel! Vince was like, well, they popped really big for her, so she’s a babyface now. So then I recorded the interview with the heel and everyone was like what the hell is that? Next Monday I’m like, okay, I’m going to come in as a heel and they’re like, no… you have to smile. You need to stop being women.”

Ronda Rousey made her return at Royal Rumble this year

After winning this year’s Royal Rumble, everyone expected Rousey to face Becky Lynch again. But she decided to subvert fans’ expectations and married Charlotte Flair. It was a terrible decision as neither the feud nor the match delivered what the fans expected. And that babyface hurt Ronda Rousey’s figure.

Her promos lacked her typical sassy nature and WWE consistently booked her poorly. She even lost at WrestleMania, which drained all momentum from her return. The fans rioted aggressively against this decision and at the next PPV Ronda won the title. But Sasha Banks and Naomi leaving derailed her reign as champions.

The best feud since her return was with Natalya, and the match at Money in the Bank surprised a lot of fans. Many fans believe Liv Morgan’s victory was the best for the championship and the women’s division.

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