Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Injury Reported, WrestleMania 39 Status Announced

The end destination of Ronda Rousey’s journey to WWE WrestleMania 39 may finally be in sight, assuming she can get over a rumoured injury. Rousey recently made an undisclosed injury worse. Although the specifics of her injuries are currently undisclosed. Representatives for WWE are confident that Rousey will recover in time for WrestleMania 39 next month because it was deemed to be of no significance.

Rousey was initially slated to compete alongside Shayna Baszler and Natalya and Tegan Nox on “WWE SmackDown” last Friday. However, a decision was made to alter the fight, and in its stead, Nox faced Baszler in a singles match while Rousey and Natalya watched from the ringside. It should be noted that Rousey may have a shoulder or arm injury given that she entered the ring with an arm sling. Rousey’s time in the ring is still restricted, but she is still making arrangements for WrestleMania.

Rousey and Baszler are still expected to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at the major event, according to the reports. Rousey and Damage Control have been engaged in a social media battle over the latter’s alleged lack of Women’s Tag Team title defences. Of course, that possible plotline was slightly muddied last week when Dakota Kai and IYO SKY were deposed by Becky Lynch and Lita to win the title of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions on “WWE Raw.”

SmackDown Women’s Title

Rousey wasn’t able to follow through on her initial promise to appear on the red brand. The past months have been horrible for Ronda Rousey. She fell down the rankings after losing the SmackDown Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair at the end of 2022, entering the tag team division with Shayna Baszler. Rousey’s most recent Twitter tirade suggests that she is dissatisfied with WWE. 

She has criticized Bayley and the WWE booking staff over the past couple of hours for an unknown reason. By addressing it specifically at Damage CTRL and criticizing them for not defending their Women’s Tag Team titles frequently enough. “The Smackdown tag division appears to be made up entirely of @NatbyNature and whatever else she can get to join her lost cause this week.”

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