Robert Pattinson thought he’d ‘f–ed up’ his first meeting with Christopher Nolan News

Robert Pattinson thought he’d ‘f–ed up’ his first meeting with Christopher Nolan

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Time icon June 23, 2020

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Pattinson reveals his first meeting with ‘Inception’ director, Christopher Nolan. Their meeting apparently lasted three hours.

Robert was not aware what the purpose of his meeting with Nolan might be.

The ‘Twilight’ heart throb started by saying their meeting lasted for three hours. Robert did not know the reason behind the meeting. He said that he was trying to go back to Nolan’s filmography. Robert wanted to guess what kind of genre will the director go with next. He reveals that after hours of talking Nolan asked him if he would like to read something he has written.

“I went to meet him, and we kind of talked for three hours, and I have no idea what I’m meeting for, what the subject is,” Pattinson said. “I was actually going back through his filmography to kind of try and predict what sort of genre he would go into next. And then, after hours of talking, he finally kind said in the last two minutes, ‘So, I’ve been writing this thing and would you like to come back and read it?’”

Robert Pattinson

Robert reveals where he was before he got the call from Nolan. He says he was in London at the beginning of last year and had nothing on his plate. Robert recalls when he got a call, he was panicking.

He refuses to reveal all the details that he discussed with Nolan. Pattinson reveals they were talking to a point where he felt exhausted to a point where he wanted to pass out. He requested for a snack since the meeting was so long. Robert panicked if this move would cost him his job.

“There was this pack of chocolates on the table,” Pattinson said. “I had a massive blood sugar drop by the end of this conversation. So I thought I was going to pass out because we’d been talking so much. I was trying to concentrate so much. Finally, I asked for one of the chocolates and he immediately ended the meeting. I was like, oh my god, I fucked it up.”

Robert eventually realised he had not messed things up as he got the part in the movie ‘Tenet’. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this movie project has nobody has revealed any information about it.


Nolan said Rob plays a character who might be called Neil. He will be playing a supporting character. The director went on saying his role is very important in the movie.

“We’re jumping off from the point of view of an espionage film, but we’re going to a number of different places,” Nolan told EW last year

Nolan reveals that he shot the movie in seven countries with massive cast and sets. He says it is the most ambitious film they have ever made.

Warner Bros. is opening “Tenet” in theaters nationwide July 31.

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