Road Dogg Remembers Trying To Catch WWE's Attention Throughout TNA Storyline

Road Dogg Remembers Trying To Catch WWE’s Attention Throughout TNA Storyline

Road Dogg discussed the name’s origins and also why the team picked to poke fun at WWE, Vince McMahon, as well as their pals Shawn Michaels and Triple H of DX. Month after month, James and Billy will indeed take a shot at DX, hoping to spark a feud down the street. Brian James discussed why the group continued taking shots at DX or what the ultimate goal of their feud all over various wrestling events was.

According to what I’ve been told, and I’m not sure if it’s true to this day, WWE was willing to pay a million dollars for a match with all those dudes, James stated. They have been going to pay a million dollars for a fight, and if you were a wealthy man, multi-millionaire, and someone told you, If you do this, we might even get a fight with the other firm, but what if we pass breed our products? That’s something you could easily sell to a millionaire.

Okay, nonsense, if you’re informing me that could happen, alright, I’m down. I consider Dixie was down; there’s been a million us dollars here on line, and I never thought we’d get it, but if they were willing to give it to us, maybe something would happen here. All of that could be nonsense, but I was there behind the scenes, so I don’t know the truth, and that’s what those who told me: “Hello, we’re going to be giving them a millions of dollars when they do this.”

Continuing to discuss DX

Continuing to discuss DX, Road Dogg discussed his response to the group’s reformation around this time, as well as his as well as Billy’s responses to it. Despite the fact that both were battling addiction, Brian James stated that if he or Billy saw Shawn or Triple H at the time, they would have fought them due to their anger and personal issues.

To be truthful, yeah sure, it did, but just let me be evident: it annoyed a couple of guys who were actively addicted, James said. That was a bunch of guys for whom the egos got out of hand, and we thought we were bigger than the company, and also how could they fire us.

When you get out of the fog of drug addiction and start thinking about your role in all of this, you’ll wonder, What did I do? I did everything, and WWE did nothing. I did everything, and Billy was the same way; we’ve matured. Those feelings were real at the time, and I would have fought one of people if they had appeared somewhere. This is how we roll, and I would have ended up fighting them at the moment. Now, when I think about it, I think, Man, what a piece of crap I am, you know what I mean? What a horrible person I was.

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