Brian James

Road Dogg Reacts To CM Punk’s Remarks About Sasha Banks And Naomi 

Brian James, a WWE Hall of Famer, reacted to CM Punk’s remarks about Sasha Banks, Naomi, & Brock Lesnar. As previously stated, in a recent interview with the Absolute Geek podcast, CM Punk compared WWE’s handling of Banks and Naomi’s walkouts to Brock Lesnar’s. I’ll put it to you this way: folks are going to be furious, but f—k it, Punk said.

Mercedes Sasha Banks & Trinity Naomi exit, saying on SmackDown, ‘Gawd darn, we’re so displeased in them, people really let our down the fans.’ Brock Lesnar splits, returns, I believe he worked SmackDown, and where was Michael Cole telling Man, Brock Lesnar kind of let these fans down? They went on National television and called me a quitter after I stepped out. What has altered? Punk inquired.

What’s the distinction? You’re planning to assault these two poor f—-ing women because they got tired and walked? They’ve got bigger balls than everyone else. So, what has changed, you ask? Nothing has changed significantly. There are those who talk about it and those who do it. The people who lick their boots and have the audacity to say that about those two women on live television? They’re f—-ng cowards and scumbags. That s-t is absurd. 

Road Dogg stated on Busted Open Radio that comparing Sasha and Naomi’s scenario to Brock Lesnar’s is unfair. Punk, according to the former lead writer of the SmackDown brand, is just trying to make the WWE look like the devil. Only in WWE can you say, ‘No, I wouldn’t like that,’ and walk out the door, according to James. Brock is also included in this. He returned, as I expected. I’m not sure what the conversation was about, but you know.

CM Punk

I also assume everybody on social media rushing to — CM Punk, let me roll his title in there just to get some social media buzz going. He immediately went to, “Oh, why didn’t they do the same to Brock Lesnar as people did to Sasha & Naomi?” I think it was completely different — it’s like comparing apples and oranges. It is unjust to compare the two. Anything to portray the WWE as the devil, particularly on Twitter.

It does not apply. CM Punk, don’t bring it up. Do you understand what I mean? I believe that’s virtue signalling, as if to say, ‘Why isn’t they equivalent to the women?’ It isn’t the same, so it’s not fair to try to make it the same. On the July 22 version of “SmackDown,” Lesnar reportedly stepped out, claiming he was “narked off.” It was in reply to Vince McMahon’s declaration of retirement. Lesnar will indeed eventually return to finish the “SmackDown” show.

Banks and Naomi stepped out on the May 16 episode of “WWE Raw,” but it was recently reported that WWE, led by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, & Triple H, has proposals to reconcile with the former Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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