RK-Bro needs to be broken


Why Break up?

Make Matt Riddle a main event superstar.

RK-Bro recently dropped the titles to Alpha Academy after 142 days as champions. Riddle then entered the Elimination Chamber match against Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley. He was eliminated by Brock Lesnar. Matt Riddle must be a main event superstar for the WWE in the future and the way in which he was eliminated from the elimination chamber made him look weak. He has to build credibility fast and he needs to face someone who can help him turn into a breakout star. Randy Orton is a WWE legend and a perfect opponent for Riddle.

Mid-card program for Raw

WWE needs to built up its card for Wrestlemania 38. They have Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, Becky vs Belair, Charlotte vs Ronda and Edge’s open challenge on the card. Brock Lesnar would be on Smackdown shows and Raw needs to have storyline to keep audience hooked until Wrestlemania 38. Randy Orton vs Matt Riddle would be a perfect matchup. They have lost recently to Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. The team of Rollins and Owens can now run Raw tag team division. Dolph Ziggler’s victory over Tommaso Ciampa has elevated the level of Dirty Dawgs.

Perfect timing

Randy Orton and Matt Riddle can now work as singles competitors. RK-Bro has often shown glimpse of a break up but the timing might not have been perfect. On the next episode of Raw they will be involved in a triple threat tag team match for the titles against Alpha Academy and the team of Owens and Rollins. The seeds can be sown for the break up and Randy Orton’s character work over the years makes him the perfect one to initiate the break up by hitting Riddle with an RKO. In the absence of Brock their feud can draw audience to watch Raw.

Whether the break up will happen or not? We might get the answers on next weeks edition of Monday Night Raw. Stay tuned for the next developments on WWE network. And don’t miss this year’s Wrestlemania on Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3, beginning at 8 ET/5 PT airing LIVE on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network.

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