Rising Star in the Streetwear Scene, NAS Is Turning Heads in Anticipation for Upcoming Collections

Men’s fashion has always felt underlooked and undercooked compared to the women’s side, with little options overall and not many styles that don’t have you looking stiffly forced like a shopping-mall mannequin. While the ladies have been getting the lion’s share of attention in the fashion industry and the men are left looking like cookie cutouts, NAS. has been making waves by changing the trend in Australia and beyond, evolving streetwear and providing stylish spins on wardrobe staples that are helping guys express themselves while looking and feeling their best. 

New Age Style also known as NAS, is an Australian-based streetwear label focused on adapting and creating cutting-edge streetwear designs that challenge the fashion norms in Australia and worldwide. Founded in 2018 by Rony Nassi, NAS has been seizing the gap in the industry for clean, comfortable, accessible, and universal streetwear aesthetics that can adapt to your social needs and help you make your mark.

In just over 2 years of operation, NAS has already permeated the global market and is set up to become the powerhouse of the streetwear industry by incorporating high-end global fashion influences into everyday experiences. NAS pride themselves in their progressive approach to fashion, pushing the limits and raising the bar for the global consumer experience.

NAS has already established itself in Australia as a premier label for men’s fashion, and are constantly pushing themselves to evolve and differentiate by staying ahead of trends and remixing timeless designs with their trademark NAS flair. In alignment with their vision of growth and evolution, NAS is currently working on expanding into women’s fashion to create a universal New Age Style that you won’t forget.

We’re particularly inspired by the UK aesthetic, so much so that we shoot all our campaigns in London.” explained Rony. “We work with the hottest models and talent that other brands don’t have access to, along with pinpointing the best market trends which helps us hone in on our own distinct style.

Rony emphasises that New Age Style is not just a brand, but a way of life and their pieces demonstrate by acting as an extension of your own lifestyle. Already a major disruptive threat in the industry, NAS is continuing to scale in operation and recognition globally with their ever-expanding men’s collection, and their highly anticipated debut into the women’s fashion scene. “To speak plainly; there’s no stopping what we do, and the bigger brands better watch out.” Rony warned cheekily.

Evolve your own outfits to accurately express your style and connect with NAS. through their website and their Instagram pages to learn more and see for yourself how their vision is influencing the global trends.


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