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Rising above the ordinary, Shane Gregoire is helping men dominate their lives

There are men who work hard to become popular; there are men who work hard to become rich; there are men who work hard to make contacts; then there are men like Shane Gregoire who work hard to become a better version of themselves. Sounds unreal? It is true indeed. Shane Gregoire, an entrepreneur turned psychologist and mental health coach is set on his mission to, as he puts it, elevate the lives of all men on Earth.

Shane believes that most of us are never really conscious about how we present ourselves in situations. We know we can do better, but we don’t really try, or maybe we just don’t know how to become the better person. We all know that if we really indulge into something, we can achieve perfect. We all have potential, but a major part of this potential goes unused or ignored. This is what Shane Gregoire wants to change. He wants to help men to rewire their subconscious minds to help them become a better version of themselves and to achieve success for the fulfilling life that they have always wanted to live.

At a very young age of 15, Shane founded a software company called Rocket Power Sound. It became a success and Shane was able to earn good profits. Owing to the money he earned with this company, he was able to move out of his hometown to his dream country, Helsinki, Finland after his High School Graduation. Here, being on his own, he was now to free to put all his time and energy into following his passion. Shane was now working hard towards becoming a better version of himself — a journey towards self-transformation.

After a while, Shane started investing his money into training and taking more in-depth practical knowledge into his craft. He approached masters in this field for direct training. He was lucky enough to learn from industry leading dating coaches, Olympic-level sport psychologists, and trauma work specialists. As a result of these trainings and theoretical approach, Shane was able to master his inner self and his subconscious mind. Now Shane lives an elevated life, where he can achieve whatever he wants just by changes in his own lifestyle, thinking and perspectives.

Shane is currently working on his latest social project called Social Freedom Formula. This formula consists of an eight weeks long online course created by him. The main purpose of this course is to train men to rewire their subconscious minds in such a way that they are headed towards permanent authentic confidence. Through this course, Shane encourages men to become more confident, and use their personal charm and magnetism to attract the life of their dreams. The Social Freedom Formula has, by far, helped over 500 men achieve success, money, and popularity. The course promises elevation of not just mental being, but also standards of living. Interesting, isn’t it?

You can also learn more about Shane Gregoire through his website or his Instagram account.