Riddle vs Seth Rollins, all set now for Clash At The Castle finally

In a sit-down interview on Monday’s episode of Raw, Riddle disclosed that he has been “medically cleared” to resume in-ring competition. He challenged Rollins to a match at Clash at the Castle, which takes place on September 3 in Wales, following an altercation with Rollins in the ring. Later, the match was verified on social media by WWE.

Riddle Returns with a Vengeance

Although the new Original Bro who appeared Monday night may have confused fans who are used to Riddle being all about horrible stoner jokes and behaving like a fool, it was a really positive development.

Riddle told Rollins, who was in the ring, that he wasn’t in his mother’s basement but rather in Washington, D.C., the location of tonight’s Raw. Riddle was slated for a sit-down interview on Monday’s episode. Riddle entered the ring, and the two started fighting. Rollins interrupted him and attempted to stomp Riddle by placing his head on the announcers table, but Riddle turned around and delivered a knee strike. Riddle after Rollins until he eventually fled into the crowd.

The delayed one-on-one bout in this feud was set up by the more sober, no-nonsense Riddle’s challenge to Rollins at Clash at the Castle. The fans responded well to Riddle’s decision to leave his childlike, goofy attitude. A more serious, focused Riddle can nevertheless have a laid-back vibe when appropriate.

Riddle wasn’t medically cleared

Prior to Clash at the Castle, Matt Riddle granted fans an exclusive chat on Raw to inform them of his injury situation. He did not, however, have a medical clearance to compete, despite his claims.

“Creative Adjustments” 

According to rumors, Riddle’s purported brachial plexus injury is just an excuse to extend his bout with Seth Rollins.

According to Kayla Braxton on WWE’s The Bump, Seth “Freakin” Rollins’ attack on “The Original Bro” on Monday’s Raw before SummerSlam resulted in a “brachial plexus injury.” The cancellation of Riddle and Rollins’ SummerSlam match was cited as the reason, but things weren’t exactly what they seem.

It was revealed that Riddle wasn’t genuinely hurt and that it was all just a lie.

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Riddle on the rise

Riddle has essentially been on a roll ever since making his WWE debut.. Riddle entered the world of professional wrestling much later than he should have since he first tried his hand at mixed martial arts, where he performed quite well. At the age of 32, Riddle joined WWE in 2018. He enjoyed some success in NXT before being called up to the main roster in 2020. Since then, Riddle has held the titles of United States Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion twice each.
Since Riddle is a superb worker, always gives his all in the ring, and consistently plays good characters, his feuds and storylines have generally been quite exciting.

After this feud do we expect Goldberg vs Riddle?

The 2019 SummerSlam backstage altercation between Goldberg and Riddle was captured on camera by WWE and uploaded to YouTube. According to incident-related rumours, the former Universal Champion might make a comeback and compete again, possibly against Riddle.

After Clash At The Castle, Goldberg might face The Original Bro, and the distraction would allow Rollins to defeat Riddle, creating yet another legendary moment if the feud between them continues.

After costing Riddle the fight, Goldberg eventually has the opportunity to use a Spear on The Original Bro, demonstrating his unmistakable desire for a one-on-one match in the future.

Additionally, the strike would mark the WWE legend’s first heel turn, which a lot of fans have asked for in he past but never got it.

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