Ricochet wins the Intercontinental Championship

WWE Superstar Ricochet was over the moon after winning the Intercontinental Championship from Sami Zayn. He faced off with Sami Zayn after the latter issued an open challenge last week. Ricochet took Zayn up on the challenge, and WWE Official Adam Pearce made the match official for this week’s episode of SmackDown.

After the match, WWE correspondent Megan Morant caught up with the new Intercontinental Champion on Talking Smack. He mentioned that it was an amazing feeling to win the title. The high-flying superstar stated that the victory was a culmination of all the years he had given to the business.

What the new champion had to say:

It feels grea to be honest with you. It feels absolutely amazing. I said it in the interview before, it’s just the culmination of 19 years of hard work, determination and everything I’ve put into this. It’s just a culmination of all that rolled into one sleek looking title.”

He also credited Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville for running the distraction that allowed him to pin Sami.

“The fact that Johnny Knoxville of all people, a guy that I have grown up watching, a guy that I’ve done so much stupid stuff because of Johnny Knoxville. To have someone like that give me a little assist, it’s just awesome,” Ricochet added. 

What Ricochet win does for WWE?

With this win, Ricochet became the first and only man in WWE history to win the NXT North American Championship, United States Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship. Ricochet is popular with the WWE Universe. He is a born entertainer with his high-flying offense and innovative mat game. Some of the things he does are downright jaw-dropping.

Ricochet holding the championship means the door is open for potential challengers to step up and try to take his prize. Whether it’s one man or multiple superstars, a great match could be in the cards for ‘Mania. That opponent could be determined in the upcoming episodes of SmackDown. Multiple superstars could face off for the right to challenge of the IC title. If WWE play their cards right, they will choose an opponent who could contest against Ricochet.

Even if the plan was always Zayn and Knoxville locking horns at WrestleMania, it never needed to be an Intercontinental Championship match. It’s a high-profile encounter on its own and doesn’t need any title on the line. Freeing up the IC title allows the two to go at without the foregone conclusion of Sami winning. It also opens the door for other superstars to challenge for the title. This will give deserving talent a chance to stand under the WrestleMania spotlight.


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