Rick and Morty Snowball’s “real” Mech suit has gone viral

“Boom! Big reveal! I turned myself into a pickle!”

Indeed it’s a big reveal for all the fans out there, but instead of turning into a pickle, you can turn into a mech suit with extraordinary powers!

Are you also one of those who can relate to these dialogues? Can you guess where does it come from?

Well, if you are finding these quotes to be familiar, let us remind you, that it is none other than the very famous Adult Swim animated series- Rick and Morty.

“To live is to risk it all; otherwise you’re just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you.” – Rick

Are you a fan of the quirky yet incredibly relatable animated series about a teenager who develops a strong bond with his grandfather, who is also a scientist, and shares a close friendship with him?

If yes, then you are not just the one.

A cosplay of Rick and Morty has recently gone viral and fans have brought the Snowball’s mech suit to life as an honor to the series. The suit is creating a buzz for all the fans out there, as it looks quite literally the same as the one in the series.

The lawnmower dog has been seen in the later seasons of the series quite a few times as a cameo role. It appears as a dog of one of the families from the series- the Smith family. The name of the dog is Snuffles which eventually gained super powers and used it to build a full mech suit naming itself “Snowball”.

The character did not make many appearances later in the series but clearly, it remains to be one of the fans’ favorite coolest characters.

Now, who would not want to have such a suit in real life? If you are wondering where would you find such a suit, do not worry we got you covered.

Paying a tribute to the series and its iconic characters, and reliving the favorite moments from the series, A fan-made cosplay of the Mech suit was created by an artist- Allison Chase on Twitter, and the official account of Rick and Morty acknowledged this very amazing cosplay and gave it a shout out.

Since then, it has left all the fans in awe and are wanting to experience wearing that costume.

You can check the official account of Rick and Morty on Twitter to see how the cosplay looks.

Rick and Morty

The show makers are gearing up to launch the upcoming season 6 of the series currently which will be soon premiering.

The story is based on a 14-year-old teenager named Morty who is very anxious and is not so smart. Rick and Morty, a grandfather and grandson who share a special bond, go on crazy adventures to explore the universe whilst getting while getting themselves into crazy situations and creating havoc.

The show developing its season 6, but the official date of release has not been revealed yet.

If you have not witnessed the fun and adventurous lives of Rick and Morty, you can catch up with the five seasons of Rick and Morty on Hulu and HBO Max currently streaming.

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