Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 3: What’s With The Beths?

Rick and Morty are finally back with Season 6. Along with its release, the new season is already getting numerous viewers. The science duo Rick and Morty have begun their new science journey.

It has released 3 episodes till now and fans are enjoying the new plot of the series. let’s see what the new episodes of the show is about. The fourth episode of the show released on September 14th.

In the previous episode Jerry returns to berate both Beths, and reveals his true colours.

The Beths decide to erase the Multiplicity porn from children’s minds. But she remains concerned about making amends than keeping a track of Space Beth.The third episode is about Space Beth causing trouble. She disappears at the end of the episode leaving the fans to wonder if she will return. Space Beth and Housewife Beth are now getting close and the consequences aren’t very great.

Jerry states that everyone learned a lesson over the weekend. But his statement proves to be ironic as in the post credit scene we can see him engaging in a similar relationship crime with his own clone.

The last season also ended with reintroducing Beth who sent Rick into space. Beth also learned that Rick didn’t know which of the two was his own daughter at this point. Beth instantly became the fans’ favorite character and now is expecting her return in the new season.

About Rick And Morty

The story is based on a 14-year-old teenager named Morty who is very anxious and is not so smart. Rick and Morty, a grandfather and grandson who share a special bond, go on crazy adventures to explore the universe whilst getting while getting themselves into crazy situations and creating havoc.

The fifth season concluded hinting that there would be upcoming season episodes that would be connected to each other. The season ended with a cliffhanger giving Rick and Morty a major shock by revealing the concept of the Multiverse. It would indeed be an adventure for the duo to explore this new concept. Thanks to the creators to make the show more intriguing and take up the challenge of creating a more intertwined plot.

If you have not witnessed the fun and adventurous lives of Rick and Morty, you can catch up with the five seasons of Rick and Morty on Hulu and HBO Max currently streaming.

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