Rick and Morty Creator Responds To Season 3 Backlash

Are you a fan of the quirky yet incredibly relatable animated series about a teenager who develops a strong bond with his grandfather, who is also a scientist, and shares a close friendship with him?

A writer for Rick and Morty has spoken up about some of the criticism that the writers’ room modifications during the third season of the show caused. Fans have been reflecting on all that has happened thus far as the Adult Swim original animated series prepares to return later this year with Season 6.

Each season has shown improvement, and the third season marked a significant turning point for the show. Not only did this season have many of the most enduring (and occasionally infamous) episodes of the show, but there were also major adjustments made behind the scenes.

The show makers are gearing up to launch the upcoming season 6 of the series currently which will be soon premiering.

More effort was made to include more female writers in the third season of Rick and Morty, but some of the show’s viewers raised their objections. When combined with other factors, it ultimately left a mark on the series going forward and drew criticism from both inside and outside of the series’ fandom. Sara Carbiener, the series’ writer, discussed the reactions to the changes in the writers’ room for Rick and Morty Season 3 and noted that now the reactions have been to the work itself rather than the outside marketing.

It’s been nice. I think that the change of opinion seems to have happened amongst a vocal minority of people who were — and maybe I’m misremembering — who were upset about some of the new writers on the show for various reasons. So it always felt like some of the backlash was just about changes that were being made to who was working on the show on the creative side. -said Carbiener

Rick and Morty’s story is based on a 14-year-old teenager named Morty who is very anxious and not so smart. Rick and Morty, a grandfather and grandson who share a special bond, go on crazy adventures to explore the universe whilst getting while getting themselves into crazy situations and creating havoc.

The show developing its season 6, but the official date of release has not been revealed yet.

If you have not witnessed the fun and adventurous lives of Rick and Morty, you can catch up with the five seasons of Rick and Morty on Hulu and HBO Max currently streaming.

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