Richa Chadha reveals how much she was paid for Gangs Of Wasseypur talking about film royalty

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has talked about people getting their due in forms of royalty after a film is successful!

Actress Richa Chadha has been sharing her thoughts via her blogs these days. Earlier, she had talked about the actor Sushant Singh Rajput and nepotism in Bollywood industry. Now she has talked about people getting their due in forms of royalty after a film becomes a hit.

Revealing that she was paid just Rs 2.5 Lakhs for both the parts of Gangs Of Wasseypur, she wrote, “And that’s alright. Kashyap (Director Anurag Kashyap) took a chance on me, and for that I am forever grateful. I didn’t even expect to be paid for a break like that. The film went on to become a cult hit. My continuing career is testament to that.”

She went on to talk about the makers making profit after the film got successful. “If I am not wrong, again, (going by rules for residual payments in other film industries) even if I were to earn royalty of this film, (*if I worked under the SAG guidelines, I would get only be getting a small percentage, under different categories capped at a maximum of 6.2 percent),” added Richa.

The actress talked about veteran stars like Parveen Babi, AK Hangal and Bhagwan Dada. Richa explained how these celebs did not have enough money in their final days to even pay for their treatment. “I am aware my desire to see all credited departments get their due in terms of royalty is the most unrealistic dream. It just will not happen, at least not in my life time. But since structures all around us are crumbling, perhaps we can build anew from the rubble.”

She said further that this might be misunderstood as opportunism. But all of us have a chance to pause to evolve in this lockdown.

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