Ric Flair

Ric Flair Reveals The Exciting Ideas He Has For Charlotte 

More than any other woman in the history of the WWE, Charlotte Flair has consistently occupied a position at the top of the card or close to it. One day she will almost certainly be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but who will do that? Ric Flair, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, is the obvious candidate, but the “Nature Boy” has other ideas for his daughter’s induction.

Ric remarked on his podcast, “To Be The Man,” “I would want to induct my daughter, but I don’t want it to be me.” “I want Triple H or Stephanie McMahon to win,” the speaker said. She most likely has another person in mind as well. There aren’t any two people that come to mind right away who have been more involved in her life. While Triple H was the head of creative for “NXT,” Charlotte worked for him at the beginning of her career.

Since he was appointed Chief Content Officer last year, she has also worked for him and is on his main roster. Before to leaving WWE earlier this year, McMahon worked as an executive there for most of Charlotte’s career. 14 WWE singles world titles, two “NXT” crowns, and one WWE Women’s Tag Team Title are all on Charlotte’s Hall of Fame CV.

Hogan Acting Debut

In a March 2022 interview, Hogan discussed the potential for one final match.”I’ve had 23 surgeries over the past ten years. ten back operations, both knees and hips Ignore it. I would be healthy right now if I had chosen wisely when I had my first back operation. Right now, I’ve witnessed Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, and Bruno doing it. “Many of these men engage in it,” he 

Hulk Hogan is unquestionably one of the greatest legends in pro wrestling history. When he won the WWF championship in 1984, he revolutionised the wrestling industry. Hogan’s popularity led to him landing acting roles, like a role on The A-Team, which aided the mainstreaming of pro wrestling, particularly the WWF. 


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