Ric Flair, Final Match for the legend.

For his final match, Ric Flair has reportedly hinted that he would challenge a WWE Superstar. On July 31, he will enter the ring for the last time. The fundamental idea behind The Nature Boy’s use of the hashtag RAW brand in each of his tweets was that his opponent might be a celebrity from the red brand. “Coming after one of your own #WWERAW,” he had tweeted. Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair in his final WWE battle at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008. Who the opponent will be has already become a popular topic of speculation among fans. Many people believe Randy Orton or Jeff Jarrett, who recently returned to the WWE. He did work for many organizations after leaving WWE; in particular, he began working for Impact Wrestling, then known as TNA Impact Wrestling, around this period. After leaving WWE in 2021, Flair had an appearance in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, where he watched Andrade El Idolo’s match versus Kenny Omega from the ringside. Last year, the multiple-time world champion also participated in NWA.

How was it revealed!?

Nature Boy, due to the fact that he was a part of something that we were familiar with, Flair’s decision to come out of retirement for one final bout came across quite weirdly. It was revealed in a viral video; however the footage showed him being brutally defeated by his rivals and being left in a bloodied heap. Andrade El Idolo, his son-in-law, and he will team up to take on Jeff Jarrett, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and Jay Lethal, a sparring partner. The dramatic story build-up revealed that Flair had been brutally attacked by Lethal and Jarrett in a parking lot.

According to sources, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett is permitted to appear in the forthcoming Ric Flair retirement match since he is not always bound by an expertise agreement with WWE. There were some surprises that Jarrett was participating given that he currently serves as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events. The claim may have been made at the conclusion of a special two-part video compilation that followed Ric Flair all the way from his first bout to his final one and featured interviews with key figures from ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’s’ illustrious career. Ric Flair had recently teased a modern WWE Superstar to stand by him at the card. Jeff Jarrett now that he is part of WWE is already making setting up for the match of SummerSlam, The undisputed WWE tag team title match between The Usos and The Street Profits, being the special guest referee for the respective match to take place on July 30 in Nashville, Tennessee. Jarrett did take a shot on Ric Flair’s medical scare, for his many years of alcohol use and he did take a slam on Flair by saying that Flair was the one who got Jay Lethal “Fired” from TNA on his My World Podcast.

Now we wait for the showdown to begin.

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