Rey Mysterio says he will stop wrestling once his son is fully ready for the ring

Rey Mysterio says he will stop wrestling once his son is fully ready for the ring

In an interaction on Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Rey Mysterio spoke extensively on his son Dominik’s continued improvement as a wrestler. He also says this plays a part in when Rey Mysterio feels he can hang his wrestling boots. He would do so only when he feels his son is ready to take off on his own, possibly within the year.

Mysterio gives major update on how long he wants to wrestle

“I think I’ll step back once I feel like my son is ready just to take off on his own,” Mysterio said. “That would be really helpful for him. I’m hoping that it happens within this year. For him to branch out and take care of things on his own. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the same house shows as him, with me wrestling in a completely separate match and him wrestling by himself.

“A couple of times he’s wrestled Chad Gable, other times he’s wrestled Otis one on one. I can see the difference when I’m not in there with him and when we’re in there together. He tends to do a lot better and it’s less stressful and not that much pressure when he’s in there by himself. He enjoys it.”

Continuing the discussion further, Rey Mysterio talked about how talents like himself, Randy Orton, and Edge have become inspirational figures in the WWE locker room for younger talent. In particular, Mysterio pointed out how Orton and Edge had helped out his own son, Dominik, as he continues to strive forward.

Edge and Orton have guided my son a lot – Mysterio

“There’s a lot of talking to the boys, the younger talent, the new generation, making them feel at home and giving them advice,” Mysterio said. “Whether it’s good advice when they do good, or if they do something bad you can tell them ‘you know what? You can possibly do this better. Try it. See if it works, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll find another way.’ You see a lot of that from the Randy Ortons, the Edges. My son Dominik has been getting a lot advice from Randy, from Edge, from the guys that have been around there. Guys like us that have been there since the early 2000’s.”

“In a sense, I like to be hard on him,” Mysterio said. “I don’t want him to take the easy way. I like to point the finger a lot, whether it’s him doing good or him doing bad. Obviously different times growing up for my son and myself. I had it very, very rough. I was raised the old school way and I was taught the old school way, which I really enjoyed.

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