Revisiting Nevertheless As it comes to an end News

Revisiting Nevertheless As it comes to an end

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Time icon August 16, 2021

As the show “Nevertheless” prepares for its finale, let’s us take a u-turn to celebrate its journey. This Netflix drama is set to air the last episode on 21st August. It has Han So Hee and Song Kang.

Although the K-drama Nevertheless is based on a webtoon, it seeks to portray a more realistic young adult relationship, highlighting the ups and downs that occur when two people get together.

After experiencing tremendous heartbreak, art student Yoo Na-Bi (Han So-Hee) has lost faith in love. She meets the suave and handsome Park Jae-Eon (Song Kang), with whom she is instantly smitten and who attends the same institution as her. Jae-Eon has a reputation for flirting with women but never committing to a serious relationship, which she discovers.

Due to their fractured views about love, Na-Bi and Jae-Eon find engaged in an ambiguous romance in which neither is willing to commit. A third male character, as in many K-dramas, will form a love triangle, dividing viewers over who deserves Na-Bi’s affection.

The casting of Song and Han for the lead roles in Nevertheless garnered a lot of attention and buzz. – Handout

Fans of Korean dramas were already interested in the show because of the lead actors, but they became even more eager when Netflix stated the drama would be rated 19 and up. Die-hard fans know due to cultural and social factors, many K-drama shows keep sexual themes or settings to a minimum. The drama doesn’t hold back when it comes to sassy sequences between Na-Bi and Jae-Eon or discussions of a more mature nature.

Director Kim Ga-ram admitted the crux of the drama is very much about how we still dive into the next romantic meeting without a safety net even after we have been harmed previously.

“Hopefully the fans can relate to the characters, and the series reminds them of the sensation of being young and in love,” said Kim, who directed The Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency in 2019.

According to the director, she was inspired to adapt the webtoon into a drama series because she identified with “the hopelessness and bitterness of romance in the original plot.”

Director Kim noted that when she initially read the webtoon, she immediately imagined Han and Song in the starring roles.

When she played Yeo Da-Kyung in The World of the Married, Han So-Hee immediately soared to international prominence. The drama’s huge ratings made Korean cable television history. Han’s newfound celebrity helped her earn the starring part in Nevertheless as Yu Na-Bi. She felt obliged to play Yu Na-Bi, who is the polar opposite of her character in The World of the Married.

In the drama and webtoon, Song’s character is supposed to be an expert sculptor. Song undertook significant research despite having no artistic skills to provide a smooth flow and fluid feel to his character’s sculpting moments. His efforts paid off, as viewers were charmed by Song’s portrayal of the character, cementing his reputation as “that swoon-worthy webtoon actor” and “son of Netflix.”

If you haven’t yet joined this young couple on their roller coaster ride, it’s not too late. Their bickering and sweet story is available on Netflix.

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