Revealed: Why Amouranth Decided To Step Away From Being ‘E-Girl’

Amouranth shocked the world with her latest announcement on April 13. She decided to stop being an E-Girl, claiming it was a constant grind. Her fans and audiences questions about her decision. While announcing her new decision, she is in favor of doing something more akin to ‘legacy media’ content.

Indeed, it came with a huge surprise since she got her rise to fame doing ‘e-girl’. Earlier, dubbing the Queen of Twitch hot tub meta helped her become one of the most- watched streamers of the platform.

So, making her optimal decisions for what she is famous for, Amouranth hang up the e-girl once and for all. And she explained why. She first mentions about how her content would be different.

“I have to optimize for being the entertaining part of Amouranth. I know she’s in there because people think I’m funny on collaborations. Have to optimize for that instead of farming [people who want that content] because, for the past few years, the strategy has been farming [those people] and converting them to my other social media [platforms].”It’s going to be more about growing the audience so that one day I can actually have an audience that will have hopefully at least an average attention span so I can educate them and make an impact with my animal sanctuary goals.”

Likewise, she explained what made her quit. “That’s part of the reason why I want to retire from the e-girl stuff. It’s a constant grind. That’s where a lot of my time goes. Making sure I have enough conversion to other paid platforms.

“It’s been really hard to increase the quality and entertainment value of my Twitch stream to appeal to more of a mainstream audience while I’ve been so focused on doing things that definitely don’t appeal to that at all.”

Amouranth further added, “It’s hard to switch [between them] while I’m on these other platforms doing all kinds of questionable things. I know it’s really hard to go back and forth because they just require different sides of you in different outputs of time.”

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.