Reggie Jackson Talks About His Beef With Russell Westbrook

The potential  beef between Russell Westbrook and Reggie Jackson is well known in the basketball arena. Over the years, they’ve had their fair share of battles, and it has been quite intense and personal in the past.

But according to Reggie Jackson himself, he has no issues with Russ. Here’s what he said in an interview with Sam Amick of The Athletic:

“I mean I see him around. We play pick up and all (during the offseason). There’s no problem (laughs) — at all. I always wish him well, always tell him to tell his family what’s up for me. He was definitely — even though we were around the same age — he was definitely my vet, showing me the ropes, taking me around, making me comfortable. I think a lot of my aggression and my fire, and the way I play is because we’re all a product of our environment. So I also felt like I was raised under him as well. I’m always appreciative of Russ and thankful for all he’s done for me during my career. He raised me and showed me the ropes, especially preparing me for… what it was going to be like being a starter in the league and taking your lumps, the ups and downs and staying confident in yourself and even keel. I think a lot of that was from watching him and just getting to pick his brain and talk to him. But when we get out there and it’s time to compete, there’s no friends (laughs).”

Jackson And Westbrook Were Once Teammates In OKC, Which Is Where Their Storied History Began

As the Sixth Man of the Thunder, behind Russell Westbrook, there was always a resentment in Jackson’s mind about Russell starting over him. During their most recent faceoff on the court on March 3rd, the “rivalry” saw new light after Reggie put his former teammate on the wrong end of a crossover.

Whatever the reason, Jackson is trying to playdown down the narrative of the rivalry between him and Westbrook. But it doesn’t change the fact that whenever these two have come across each other, there’s always been something which has ignited a controversy.

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