Regarding Israeli-Palestinian crisis, Gal Gadot expresses concern for her family and friends News

Regarding Israeli-Palestinian crisis, Gal Gadot expresses concern for her family and friends

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Time icon May 12, 2021

Gal Gadot expressed her “heartbreak” over the recent violence in Jerusalem, which resulted from a dispute between Israeli police and Palestinian protestors.

According to NBC News, an Israeli airstrike on a Gaza apartment building earlier this week killed 30 Palestinians, including 10 children, and three Israelis. As tensions rise in the more than century-long war, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, who is Israeli, posted a message on Instagram about the recent attacks.

Worries about her Family

“My heart is broken. My nation is in the midst of a civil war. I’m concerned about my family and friends. I’m concerned about my people “She started the job. “This has been a never-ending vicious cycle for far too long. Israel is entitled to live in a free and secure environment. Our neighbours are entitled to the same. I pray for the victims and their families, for an end to this unbearable hostility, and for our leaders to find a solution so that we can exist side by side in peace.”

“I hope for better days,” she wrote at the end of the post. The comment section on the post was shut off by the Quick and Furious alum. She drew a red heart on her note as a caption.

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Gal isn’t the only celebrity who has spoken out about the crisis, which has prompted international calls for peace. Gigi Hadid, whose father Mohamed Hadid is Palestinian and who has previously celebrated her Palestinian heritage, reposted a note about the dispute on Instagram from Anita Elizabeth Bitton.

“You can’t support racial equality, LGBT and women’s rights, denounce oppressive and violent governments, and other injustices while ignoring Palestinian oppression. It just doesn’t add up “The message was clear. “You can’t pick and choose which human rights are more important.”

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