Reese Witherspoon Talks About Similarities Between Her And Britney Spears’ Life

Reese Witherspoon and Britney Spears ended their marriages the same year and raised two children as single mothers and Witherspoon said their treatment couldn’t have been more different.

The actress of “Big Little Lies” spoke to Time magazine about the documentary “Framing Britney Spears” and how it highlighted the similarities between her and the life of the pop star years ago.

Reese’s Story

Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe divorced in 2006 and at the same time Spears and her then husband, Kevin Federline, also divorced.

Witherspoon said that like Spears, she and her family were hounded by the paparazzi.

“My kids will tell you stories about being in kindergarten and people riding on the roofs of our cars,” he told Time.

The actress and lifestyle mogul said she was very aware that some women celebs like Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were labled “bad” while those like her and Jennifer Garner were “good” — even though Witherspoon said there’s plenty of footage of her out there yelling at the cameras.

“What would have happened if the media had decided that I was something else? I would have been in a completely different situation,” Reese said. I want to say it’s my decisions or the career choices I made, but it felt very arbitrary.”

Witherspoon has remarried and has another child.

Framing Britney Spears Documentary

The highly popular documentary, The New York Times: Framing Britney Spears had covered the life of Britney and how she was portrayed in the media. It also covered her rise to fame and her conservatorship battle. The documentary also educated viewers about how the #FreeBritney movement really started.

Britney opened up further as she admitted to not watching the documentary but she seemingly shared that she had watched few snippets. The pop star took to her Instagram to reveal her thoughts about the same. She wrote, “I didn’t watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in.”

The singer further shared that she cried for two weeks and it still makes her emotional sometimes. She had shared her thoughts about the documentary along with a video of her dancing to Aerosmith’s ‘Crazy’. The pop sensation shared how dancing was her way of being able to feel “wild and human and alive”.


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