Reddit Highlights 8 Modern Family Plotlines Left Unresolved

Reddit Highlights 8 Modern Family Plotlines Left Unresolved

We recently saw our favorite family reunite at one of the cast member’s weddings. Photos of Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nolan Gould, and Ariel Winter surfaced as they attended Sarah Hyland’s wedding ceremony.

Naturally, after filming 11 seasons of the show, the cast members have actually turned into a family. The series was well-known for its humor and sweet storylines. However, it also included plots that were left unanswered.

Redditors have now jotted down a few plotlines that they would have loved to see a proper wrap-up.

Luke’s Hipster Friend Group

Played by Nolan, the character of Luke was confusing sometimes but he was one of the main characters. However, he seemed to have been forgotten about despite being the main lead. Redditor Snoo-8506 talked about Luke’s hipster friends who used to say deuces.

The group is never brought up again as the fan shared how they wanted many episodes of this. This was solely because the family would get annoyed and call him out. Whenever the character got his own storylines, it was always fun to watch.

Luke’s Friend Rhonda Disappears

Manny and Luke were spending time with their friend Rhonda but she only appears in one episode. This forgotten plotline was mentioned by Redditor Practical-Bird633. The user reminded others how Rhonda was brought up mid-show and they made it seem like Luke and she were long-time best friends.

In the episode, Claire, Luke’s mother got her glamoured up for the dance but they never mentioned her again. The character shows up in Season 5 where she and Luke attend the dance. Seeing Luke have a close best friend and a possible long-time girlfriend would have been great.

Haley Becoming An Influencer

The character’s social media business is another storyline left unresolved. As Redditor Rosemoorstreet reminded us, in Season 5, Haley finds out she loves photography which aligns with her character as she loves fashion. Later in Season 8, Haley is willing to run a business to help influencers gain more attention.

This was an important arc for the character as she takes her sweet time in discovering her true passion. However, this plotline is left unresolved as Haley becomes a mother to her twins with Dylan Marshall. But Haley could have had a business too.

Phil Abandons The Magic Shop

A Redditor pointed out that the show starts with many plots but gives up on them. This includes Phil’s Magic Shop as well. Several of the character’s best quotes have always had him sharing his passion for magic.

Claire purchases the magic store for Phil in Season 9. This means the world to him but nobody hears about it after. Obviously, this is not likely for his character to be ignoring this opportunity.

Haley & Andy’s Love Story’s Abrupt End

Another Redditor responded on the “unfinished storylines” thread to remind us about Andy and Haley. Their relationship was amazing and the buildup towards it was too. Andy reveals to Haley that he’s moving to Utah but the end of their equation is confusing.

When the couple says goodbye at the airport, it seemed like they are leaving open the possibility for them to reunite. However, the character disappears from Haley’s life.

Pepper’s Son Is Never Mentioned Again

Back in Season 4, Cam and Mitch’s close friend, Pepper shared that he had named his adopted son, Kyle. A Redditor questioned where did the son go as this also came under a forgotten plotline. Pepper does not bring up his child but it would seem Kyle means a lot to him.

What’s With Alex & Drew?

Alex dances with Drew in Season 5 when in Season 1 she had expressed her disinterest in such things. In the thread about abandoned storylines, a Redditor responds about how we do not know anything about Drew later.

What About Pam?

Cam’s sister, Pam is not beloved but she was a part of a good storyline. Whenever she used to show up, she did not treat Cam and Mitch well. Mitch and Cam used to look after their nephew Cal while giving Pam chances to get her life on track.

As per a Redditor, Pam was living upstairs and was part of a significant time in Mitch and Cam’s lives. However, after she got married, she is nowhere to be seen. There was no significant conclusion for this.


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