Recent Vince McMahon Payments Revealed; Potential Connection to Donald Trump?

WWE just disclosed that they are restating prior financial accounts as a result of “some unreported expenses” incurred by the former CEO Vince McMahon. These costs came to about $14.6 million in total.

WWE discovered two more of these payments made by McMahon earlier this week. The payments, which totaled five million extra dollars, were made in 2007 and 2009.

The money was allegedly connected to McMahon’s alleged hush money payments, which are being looked at by a special committee of the WWE Board of Directors, according to many fans and experts.

How is Trump involved?

IRS documents show that in the same two years, 2007 and 2009, WWE donated exactly $5 million to The Donald J. Trump Foundation. Records show that the donations originated from WWE, the WWE headquarters address was used, no specific person was mentioned, and previous statements from WWE public relations staff implied that Vince and wife Linda McMahon were directly responsible for the gifts.

WWE donated to Trump Foundation

The Trump Foundation received the largest donations from WWE in 2007 and 2009, totaling $4 million and $1 million, respectively, which, when expressed in round figures, equals the $5 million stated in the most recent WWE SEC filing. Trump made a rare appearance on WWE TV during these years. In a match dubbed “The Battle of The Billionaires” at WrestleMania 23 in 2007, Trump and McMahon backed rival Superstars Bobby Lashley, the current WWE United States Champion, and the late Umaga. In 2009, Trump “purchased” WWE RAW then “sold” it shortly after in another plot.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Despite the IRS filings naming WWE as The Trump Foundation donors during those years, a WWE representative claimed in October 2012 that Vince personally donated the funds rather than the organisation, Linda, or both. Weeks before the election, in which Linda was seeking re-election to the United States Senate, the WWE comment was made.

A WWE representative later in 2016 said that “WWE paid Donald Trump appearance fees separately” and denied that donations to The Trump Foundation served as Trump’s appearance fees. This time, WWE claimed that both McMahons individually donated to the Foundation.

According to the spokeswoman at the time, “Vince and Linda McMahon made personal donations to Donald Trump’s charity.”

In 2017, after WWE Chief Operating Officer Donna Goldsmith proposed the theory that the gifts were in return for Trump’s visits, WWE made a statement that was compatible with that.

Here’s the story of WWE Reporting An Extra $5 Million In Inaccurate Payments Made By Vince McMahon.

WWE’s SEC report appeared to refute the following

”Since then, the company has found that two further payments totaling $5.0 million made by Mr. McMahon in 2007 and 2009 that had nothing to do with the claims that prompted the Special Committee investigation ought to have been reported in the company’s consolidated financial statements.”

People are curios to know

Many claim that regarding the motive for paying Trump through his Foundation for appearing on WWE TV, Trump may have done so to avoid paying taxes, which is a typical maneuver and something he has attempted to do in previous situations. Furthermore, the McMahons’ personal tax burden during those years may have been reduced by declaring a sizeable charitable payment to The Trump Foundation.

WWE has not responded as of this writing to WrestleMania’s question about whether the similarities in the payment amounts and years are merely coincidences.

What do you think of this hypothesis that Vince’s recently uncovered payments may be associated with Donald Trump?

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