Reasons Why Trading For Kevin Durant By the Wizards Would Be Insane!

After a rush to enquire about the services of the superstar, the negotiations to trade for Kevin Durant have halted. Exorbitant asking fees have been making the rounds of the league, and perhaps meetings with Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks have chilled the initial wave of suitors.

That’s given rise to some strange rumours that have since surfaced. the most recent? The Washington Wizards have emerged as a surprise candidate for Durant, a source informed NBA insider Sam Amico.

Even more insiders advised Hoops Wire to keep a watch on the Wizards, who may make a significant push. Durant is also a DC product. He might not be unhappy about playing with Bradley Beal at home.

It still seems a little unlikely that the Wizards could put together a trade proposal that would outperform that of all other interested parties without include Bradley Beal. Should D.C. even try for it in the first place, even if they did hold the winning ticket in the KD lottery?

For the following three (3) reasons, the Wizards would be insane to ever consider trading for Kevin Durant:

#1 First, KD does not want to return home

Fans of the Wizards are fully aware that #KD2DC isn’t going to become a popular fad. That is due to the fact that this is not their first attempt to persuade Kevin Durant to return home. With an in-his-prime John Wall and a developing star in Bradley Beal, Washington was one of the East’s up-and-coming teams at the time, and they also sought to get Kevin Durant to return home.

Of course, everyone is aware of how things turned out after KD joined the 73-9 Golden State Warriors and added two rings to his collection. When asked about playing at home on his first trip to D.C. that year, Durant was clear about the reasons he didn’t find the idea enticing.

It appears that the Nets are not indulging Kevin Durant’s desires in this situation. To the team that can provide them the maximum value, they are trading him. Sending Kevin Durant to an environment where he has publicly expressed his dislike doesn’t sound like a recipe for a successful trade, let alone one that would be worth the price that it would come with. Of course, time has passed since then. Perhaps KD has changed his mind about returning home. But it’s difficult to assume anything different unless he publicly admits to having a change of heart.

#2 – The Durant trade decimates the Wizards’ already fragile team

If the Wizards are successful in acquiring Kevin Durant, they would probably make the Nets an offer that includes all of their first-round picks, Kristaps Porzingis, Kyle Kuzma, and any combination of Rui Hachimura, Deni Avdija, Corey Kispert, and Johnny Davis that they desire. Other from those assets, there isn’t really much more in the bank to give (which raises the legitimacy of such a rumour in the first place).

Yes, Bradley Beal will be Kevin Durant’s top running companion. But who else is still on the roster besides Beal? Daniel Gafford, who is effective but has limitations, will start at centre for them. Then there is the freshly acquired senior foursome of Taj Gibson, Delon Wright, Will Barton, and Monte Morris. Then, knowing that he will soon become a free agent, Hachimura will probably stand out among the Wizards lottery choices that the Nets didn’t want.

#3: The possible gain is less than the danger

To be in the running for a championship is the whole objective of dealing for Kevin Durant. The goal should be to pursue that prize. With KD on board, the team’s potential for next season goes from feeling like it has a less than 1% shot to being in the conversation. He would contribute talent on that level.

He’ll be 34 by the time the 2022–23 season begins, and he probably only has two or three more years in his peak before a precipitous drop. Teams like the Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns, who are on the verge of winning it all, would find it worthwhile to make such a drastic change since Durant is the overkill acquisition that almost ensures they’ll be showered with accolades. For clubs like the Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns, who are on the verge of winning it all with Durant being the overkill addition that almost assures they’ll be showered in confetti come June of next year, taking such a significant swing may be worthwhile.

With no selections to trade for more help and the reality that he and Bradley Beal would both be making almost $100 million, there would be very few opportunities for the club to improve beyond experienced minimum players.

Is the danger of the much more likely scenario, in which the Wizards spend the following half-decade or more regretting they hadn’t mortgaged their future on Kevin Durant, worth the minuscule probability of winning a championship in the next year or so? Being a fan of the Wizards means that while the answer may be yes, it actually ought to be no.

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