Read Where Kylie Jenner Spotted In Tight Catsuit Just After 7-Weeks Of Son’s Birth

The beauty mogul rocked in her catsuit while attending a close friend birthday party. Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram sharing an eye-catching new photo of herself after 7-weeks of her son’s birth.

Kylie spotted in a new picture of herself flaunting a black catsuit paired with a long leather jacket. As she attended the birthday party of her friend Yris Palmer’s daughter Ayla.

Kylie Jenner Instagram Stories

The 24 years old reality TV star surprised her followers with unexpected picture to her Instagram story. The mom-of-two posed in a mirror while holding her phone up. While wearing the flattering choice under a long black leather jacket. She also added sunglasses as her long locks were up in a ponytail. Reaction: Nicki Minaj Called Cardi B Ugly In Her Song ‘We Go Up’, Fans Proven

The Kardashian alum spotted in an epic look while attending the birthday party of her friend Yris Palmer’s daughter Ayla. Kylie took the limelight after the birth of her second child whose name was Wolf Webster earlier. Stormi also spotted with her mom and she looked cute in a multi-colored sleeveless top and white pants. The tot was walking in an area full of balloons in the pic, and carried a pink purse.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Changes Son’s Name

As per the social media personality, the couple did not think the name suited him. She went on to say that she spread the word since she kept seeing people still using the moniker Wolf everywhere.

The new name was then revealed only hours after Jenner posted an emotional video of her pregnancy journey with her newborn child. This is similar to when her firstborn Stormi was born when she dedicated, To Our Daughter. She captured all the moments that led up to her delivery.

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Secretly Married To Travis Scott? 

Kylie uploaded a photo of herself laying her hand on two green Hermes reptile purses in one of her Instagram stories. She flaunted a trendy take on the French tip manicure as well as two rings on that finger. We could tell from the images that one was a slender gold ring with little diamonds and the other was significantly larger in size with a lot of diamonds.

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