Read What Hailey Baldwin Has To Say On Women-to-Women Drama

The supermodel Hailey Baldwin recently spotted in an episode of YouTube Series. Hailey sat with Emily Ratajkowski to discuss the importance of women supporting women.

Hailey Baldwin On Women Drama

The Hollywood beauty shared her views on women during YouTube series ‘Who’s in My Bathroom?’ with Ratajkowski. Baldwin invited Ratajkowski to the talk show where they together made gin martinis, ate nachos, and talked about their experiences in the modeling industry till now.

“I just feel like there’s a barrier in general when women meet each other of kind of like, ‘Are we competition?’ I think that’s so sad,” the 30-year-old Emily said. “And I don’t blame women at all for doing that. I think it’s, like, how we are trained to be. But I just think that I would like that to change. It’s one of the reasons that I wrote my book”.

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Indeed, Hailey Baldwin agreed and said that she feels “people really perpetuate women-on-women drama and women competing against each other”.

“And I’ve just always really felt like there’s enough space for everybody,” continued the 25-year-old model, who’s married to Justin Bieber. “There’s enough room for everybody to thrive, and we’re so much more powerful when we’re just supporting each other”.

Likewise, Emily Ratajkowski felt that women constantly need a reminder for themselves to know that there is no competition among them. “I feel like that’s what we as women have to do all the time, is remind ourselves, like, you have your world, you have all these wonderful things,” she said. “Just because you see somebody else doing their thing doesn’t mean that you need to compete”.

Also, Emily added that “Not only did I feel like I was sort of a hustler who was using this thing, my body and my image, to make a life and build a living, I also did feel like it was empowering, which is a word I think gets overused a lot these days but it felt good for me and like there was a shift in the power”.

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