Read Joe Millionaire Winner Interview, Will Steven & Calah Get Engaged?

Steven McBee has found his love in Calah Jackson. The Joe Millionaire star, he has chosen Calah Jackson in the finale episode. It was speculated that the couple might engaged soon. After weeks of guessing, the millionaire finally revealed during the Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer finale. 

Steven McBee is a farming CEO, is now the show’s millionaire. He concluded his participation in the show falling for Calah Jackson. And the two of them are getting their happily ever after. Steven and Calah recently talk about their relationship status to Hollywood Life. They revealed how they met up in secret and strengthened their relationship. The couple is also moving in together!

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How difficult has it been to keep your relationship a secret since Joe Millionaire wrapped?

Steven McBee: It’s been tough. I mean, the good thing is I live in the middle of nowhere, so we were able to sneak her up here on some trips. My nearest neighbor is five miles away. As long as we don’t leave my house, there was no concern. We had several trips like that. But I’ve never been in a situation where I’m with someone, and I can’t tell anyone or post about it. It has made it pretty tough, but we’ve been able to build our relationship. We’re glad we’re through all that and can now let the world know.

Calah Jackson: I feel the exact same. It has been a challenge in keeping it private. Obviously, it’s hard to have a normal relationship whenever you have to keep it private, you can’t be out in public, you can’t go out on dates. So I am very grateful that the show is finally over, and we’ll be able to go out and just have a real relationship.

Where’s the first place you’re going to go after the finale has aired?

Steven McBee: I have some very good restaurants, one Mexican joint down in Kansas City that has the best chicken nachos and margaritas. I’ve been telling her all about it, so we’re going to go down there immediately. Read: In 2021, Game Of Thrones Season 8 Is Still One Of The Most Pirated TV Shows

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