Ravi Ganatra is a prime example of a multi-faceted entrepreneur. Read to know!

Ravi Ganatra is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur who begun his career with manufacturing amusement rides in 2012 and later moved on to steel trade under his new venture ‘Stalwart International Private Limited’. Currently, Stalwart is at the brink of merging with a reputed company that has been in the business of manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical equipment since a good 40 years.

With an engineering degree and post-graduation in management, Mr. Ganatra has now set his eyes on taking India further into the world. An ardent believer of the Make-in-India campaign, he is confident about the skill set and allied strengths of the nation’s workforce. While industrialists have been discussing the effects of economic slowdown, and laying off mass numbers; Ravi is happy recruiting and constructively leading his organization on a path to the future. He says that it’s of utmost importance to align the vision of every personnel with that of your own, if you’ve got to reach somewhere within a preset timeframe. His quest for advancements at various levels is insatiable.

Mr. Ganatra might have mind of a businessman but he surely possesses heart of a philanthropist. While the Covid-19 phase has been taxing for everyone, Ravi continues to serve the people on various fronts. He feels that his act of kindness, as it may so appear; is more for himself, simply because it’s extremely fulfilling.
A peek into his life outside of work and you’d see a family man who is addicted to fitness, abides by his to-do lists, loves art forms, speaks not-so-fluent Spanish and fancies a drink or two.

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