Rapid Fire With Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding is a former Page 3 girl, she was also the UK representative in the US Miss Universe 1998, a glamour model, television celebrity. You might also remember seeing her as one of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. Although her journey was short on the show, she has emerged as more than just being a part of the Real Housewives. The former model is currently flourishing in the real estate industry after having a successful career as a model, a TV celebrity, and an incredible Horse-mommy.

She sat down with Clout News for this exclusive and fun segment called ‘Rapid Fire’. Here’s a gist of what went down:

Clout News: Use three words to describe yourself

Leilani: Thoughtful, Silly, Kind

Clout News: If you could be anyone from history, who would you be?

Leilani: Oh gosh. Uh..St. Francis of Assisi. He talked to animals…apparently.

Clout News: What’s the best gift that you have ever gotten?

Leilani: I think my horse trainer.

Clout News: What is the most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?

Leilani: Page 3

Clout News: What is your favorite tv show at the moment?

Leilani: Line of Duty.

Clout News: What’s a lie you recently told?

Leilani: Uhmm…I can’t remember. I really can’t remember. Does it count that I turned a birdhouse from over the fence that I wasn’t meant to? My fiance was like, don’t turn it over and I was like okay. And as soon as he left, I turned it back over.

Watch more of this segment here:

In an exclusive interview with Clout News, the former model sat down exclusively with Clout News and revealed how she came all the way from Page 3 to her peaceful life as a real estate agent. The former model gave a gist about her journey as she talked about how she got spotted to be a part of the Miss Great Britain Competition. She was in University pursuing economics at the time. Although she did not win at the competition, she did get into Miss Universe 1998.

Leilani discussed the coronavirus pandemic and her decision to not take the vaccine. She talked about her decision to not have children and how in society everybody is forced to have them. The former model discussed social media and how filters are damaging to people and young girls especially. She also discussed all the hate comments she got and how they affected her. The real estate socialite also talked about her principles and stereotypes she faced because she was a Page 3 girl.

Watch the full Celebs Got Clout Interview:


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