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Ranveer Singh says he can cook eggs, Deepika Padukone exposes his lie on social media

While Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh said that he knows how to cook eggs, wife Deepika Padukone exposed all his lies on social media!

Actor Ranveer Singh recently had a joint live session on Instagram with the footballer Suni Chhetri. The two of them talked about the actor’s love story with Deepika Padukone.

The Simmba actor revealed that he had tried to woo DP with his cooking skills claiming that he makes the best butter chicken. Ranveer had claimed that while studying in the US he used to cook delicious butter chicken. He had even promised to make it for Deepika. However, that promise remains unfulfilled.  

He also revealed later that he used readymade mixes for his recipe. “I realised, if you use the readymade packet, then it doesn’t really count. So if I can’t do that, then what am I left with? I am only left with anda-bread. I can only cook eggs,” the actor said.


He added on saying, “Deepika is actually very fond of cooking and she is way better than me, so I leave those kitchen duties to her. But I am a very enthusiastic assistant to her. Whenever she is baking or making me Thai food, especially during the lockdown when we have more time to do these little things, I am a very enthusiastic Santa’s little helper,”

It was soon when the actress came online and exposed Ranveer. In the comments section, she wrote, “Lies! You can’t even make eggs!” She even challenged her husband to make egg right away. The actor accepted it and told Sunil that he will be making the breakfast the next day.  

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