Randy Orton To Return To WWE Programming Soon

Randy Orton was written off television after a Tag Team Championship Unification match against The Usos where he and his tag team partner Riddle were defeated at the hands of the despicable Usos. We later got a disappointing update on the Viper’s in-ring future courtesy of Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, where he mentioned that Orton had legitimately injured his back and would require surgery to heal. Meanwhile, he is also expected to miss the entire year due to an unfortunate injury.

At one point, WWE had Orton tagged as Roman Reigns’ opponent at SummerSlam, but that couldn’t happen. While we now know he’s out and won’t be on TV anytime soon, he’s still being advertised for an upcoming live event set for July 16 at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center in Tallahassee, Florida. At the time of writing, there is no further information on whether or not Orton will actually be there or if this is just a publicity stunt from the arena, because realistically, Orton won’t be there.

Meaningful speculation about Randy Orton’s return date could end at next year’s Royal Rumble, where he may make a surprise entry into the men’s Rumble match. Anything before that would be a safe bet.

Plans for Randy Orton upon his return to WWE?

Randy Orton and Riddle were the male attraction as a tag team on Monday nights where they were well liked by the entire WWE Universe and some even called them the best thing to ever happen on WWE television. There was some internal talk at one point about splitting the duo up, but after realizing the reaction they were getting from the audience, WWE decided to continue with them as a team moving forward.

A comeback plan for Orton following his much-anticipated return could include him appearing with his tag partner Riddle and launching a high-profile singles program between the two to face off at WrestleMania in Los Angeles next year.

Bob Orton Jr. claims he taught Randy Orton everything

WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton Jr. he feels he taught Randy Orton everything he knew about the business. Orton made his WWE TV debut in 2002 when he faced Hardcore Holly in a singles match on SmackDown. The Viper has since become one of the most recognizable stars in the industry.

Over the past two decades, Orton has won 14 world championships, two Royal Rumbles and a Money in the Bank contract. He also held the Tag Team Championship, the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship.

Orton Jr. was interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling this week. When talking about his son, the Hall of Famer mentioned that he taught Randy every trick in the book he knew about the business. “I taught him everything I knew and he does so much more.

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