Randy Orton Completes 20 Years At WWE And Gets A Fitting Homage

On 25th April 2002, Randy Keith Orton walked out onto the WWE stage, unknown to the fans and the WWE universe at large. Twenty years later, he has made an indelible mark on the world of wrestling entertainment, and WWE without him is unimaginable.

Randy Orton’s guard of honor

The episode of Monday Night Raw on 26th April (25th April in the United States) began with the biggest names in Monday Night Raw and WWE in general standing around the ring in a respectful guard of honor. These names included the Street Profits, Ezekiel, and Veer Mahan. Seth Rollins sat alongside the commentators, his feet propped up on the commentators’ table, smiling at the camera as it passed by. The superstars had temporarily put aside their differences and united in paying tribute to one of the greatest personalities WWE has ever produced.

Tom Riddle, Orton’s protege and closest friend, stood in the middle of the ring mic in hand, clearly the master of ceremonies. Riddle began by greeting the Knoxville, Tennessee(home to Randy Orton) crowd, and then pointing their attention to the big screen, where a montage of memorable Randy Orton moments over the years was played.

Orton’s debut victory, his going on to become the youngest WWE champion, becoming the first world heavyweight champion, his numerous United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship victories, his victories in the Royal Rumble and at special events were all shown one by one, making long time fans nostalgic. Flying RKOs, DDTs, the iconic banging of the ring with both hands in preparation for his RKO, everything reminded us of the journey that Randy Orton has taken us on over the years.

Finally, the montage ended with the present situation, Randy Orton himself telling us in a voice-over how his enthusiasm for wrestling has been reinvigorated after meeting Riddle, one of his few true friends in his long career spanning two decades. Orton loves the sport inside out and feels like he has a lot more left to give to the sport and is nowhere close to hanging up his boots.

Orton’s Message

The man of the moment finally made his way out to the middle to a standing ovation from the fans and the wrestlers gathered around alike, his legendary theme playing in the background. He climbed onto the ring that he has dominated for 20 years. He pranced around, ecstatic to be a part of this moment. Then finally he took the mic and, after an uproarious cheer from his home crowd, spoke.

Orton began by thanking his home crowd and echoed the sentiment that he is here to stay. Orton thanked his supporters for having his back through his ups and downs. None of the legend killer, the apex predator, or the viper monickers would have had any significance without the fans.

Although after this all hell broke loose, this article is about Randy Orton- the man, the myth-and Randy Orton Alone. So, I’ll end this article here, and like everybody else, pay my respects.

Ashvinkumar Patil is a Sports Journalist, who likes to use his great writing skills to curate articles about Pro Wrestling here at Clout News.