Ramee Group Stages The Indian Premiere Of Banquet of Hoshena

An immersive fine-dining experience, Banquet of Hoshena marries food and technology in the most beguiling and enchanting way. While the food isn’t created by any special technology, the experience is crafted by cutting edge 3D technology, virtual reality and image mapping. And Ramee Group, in association with Hoshena Productions, has brought this enchanting experience to India for the first time ever.

Banquet of Hoshena is an interactive show that invites diners to dine as well as be protagonists of the story of the Kingdom Of Hoshena. The show starts with the dimming of lights and the Queen of Hoshena addressing diners. An animated bust placed at the head of the diner’s table, the Queen narrates the woeful tale of Hoshena

The King of Hoshena in an attempt to vanquish all bad emotions, like anger and sorrow, from his kingdom also unwittingly did away with all positive ones. And now the Kingdom of Hoshena lies barren and desolate, in desperate need of a saviour. And the Queen invites the diners to be this saviour.

Diners journey through the Kingdom of Hoshena as their plates come to life, fairies float and volcanoes erupt on their tables and more. As they do, they feast on a lavish seven-course meal. Each course is beautifully crafted to represent an emotion and is timed to be in accordance with the storyline. The courses are all curated from Tanatan’s menu, Ramee Group’s flagship restaurant which was voted as Mumbai’s No.1 restaurant by TripAdvisor in 2019.

“The first time I experienced Banquet of Hoshena, I knew we had to bring this show to India and have as many people as possible experience its magic,” says Rajit V Shetty, Managing Director of Ramee Group. “We’ve worked closely with Nadine Beshir (the creator) and her team to replicate it and also Indianise it with the food selection,” he adds.

Banquet of Hoshena has already seen success in six other countries – USA, UK, UAE, Kuwait, Sweden and Germany.

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