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Rakhi Sawant Reveals Not Being On Good Terms With Family Because Of Her Controversies In Film Industry

Rakhi Sawant has revealed, in talks with Bollywood Bubble tabloid that she and her family were never on good terms from the day she decided to join the Bollywood industry.

Rakhi said that at one point, her mother wanted her to die the moment she was born.

Rakhi Sawant said that she was estranged from her very own close family because of her decision to join the film industry. The actress said that after she was involved in a number of disputes/controversies and things got even worse.

In other words, you Rakhi Sawant said that her family, including her mother, believing that she has a corrupting influence, did not want to interact with her and her family. She wasn’t even invited to her father’s funeral.

What Did Rakhi Say?

In recent talks with the Bollywood Bubble mag, Rakhi Sawant said the following:

“In our family, it was like Balika Vadhu. Running away from home and joining the film industry was my only option. Today, my father will be proud of me… Thank God I took this decision, because I have become what I am today. My family doesn’t accept me, till today. They don’t talk to my mom. My uncle, my entire family. They think that because I ran away, their daughters will also run away.”

Rakhi revealed that even her mother was not satisfied with the way she lived her life. She said that she is very close to her mother now but there was one point where she grew frustrated.


“People always tell me I’m an attention seeker. Guys, I am not an attention seeker. The media loves me… There was a time when my mother told me, ‘What is this, your controversies? I wish you died the moment you were born.’ This happened after my family turned on my mother, after my incident with Mika Singh. My father used to beat my mom. I told her, ‘Nobody is going to give me a crown the moment I enter Bollywood, let me struggle, give me freedom. I am not Amitabh Bachchan or Anil Kapoor’s daughter. I haven’t even gone to high school’.”

The statements of Rakhi Sawant were given to Bollywood Bubble tabloid. *no copyright infringement intended*

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