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Q&A with Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Creative, Roman Royale

The world is becoming increasingly more diversified, and with it, so are industries and people. We’re seeing a major increase in entrepreneurial ventures, with side-hustles and multi-stream incomes becoming the new norm. This is in large due to the social media boom, which created a space in which anyone with a bright enough idea and drive can catapult to success. Roman Royale, an LA-based 26 year old entrepreneur, founder, creative, and nightlife virtuoso, knows this firsthand. We caught up with Roman to find out how he developed his personal brand, what drives him, and how he manages his various ventures, all while living his best life. 

Clout: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Roman: I moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and started going out in the scene. I was meeting a lot of people in and out of Hollywood, and a few months in I fell into working in the nightlife industry. I made a lot of friends and connections, and I worked hard and saw results.

After 5 years with SBE Entertainment Group I recently made the transition into a partnership with a cannabis company called FIRE. I also own a jewelry brand called Room13 Los Angeles, which is locally made and designed.

Clout: Have you always been entrepreneurial? What would you say has been the hardest and best part of such a path?

Roman: I’ve always been a really good “people person,” so naturally I’ve fallen into sales positions for whatever it is that I’m doing. The ups are it being effortless if it’s something that I love, because it’s so easy to sell and it doesn’t feel like “work,” and any downs I’d say are the rollercoaster of business—the ups and downs, some weeks are good some aren’t as good. Every night is a new performance, it’s rinse and repeat, and takes 100% effort. It can be exhausting, but every night/day counts. 

Clout: You have quite a diverse range of jobs under your belt—what would you say drives you towards a project?

Roman: I’m always looking to expand my range of work; I like challenges and I like to be a part of new things. Most importantly, I’m particular about the people I work with—so if I like somebody who wants to try a new venture out together, I’m super inclined to seeing how we work together as a team. 

Clout: What inspired you to start FIRE? What was that process like?
Roman: I worked strictly in marketing for a cannabis brand for 2 years prior to the launch of FIRE. I learned how valuable of a business it was, and when my partner David Jiang offered me a partnership, I knew this was a great move for me to make. The process has been very long with everything going on this year. Production has taken forever, along with so many other things that have slowed down the process of starting up a new company during Covid. But with everything, practice makes perfect and with so much trial and error we have gotten our product and branding down to a science. I’m excited for the future of FIRE! 

Clout: What sets FIRE apart from other companies in the industry?
Roman: Fire is a very luxury brand of cannabis. Think “Gucci” or “Louis Vuitton.” The quality of what we offer is of that same value, as well as the image we project. 

Clout: Tell us about your jewelry line, how did you get into that? 

Roman: Room13 is a brand my best friend Lauren Steele and I started in 2016 when we first moved to LA. We wanted to be able to create something that we could share with our friends and the world. We’ve always been really into fashion so why buy pieces of jewelry when you can make them?

Clout: What about your impressive social media following of 108K—what do you think has helped you grow it and draw in such a big audience?

Roman: Consistency is the most important thing in anything—that’s the only way to grow. I do my best to share moments, spread positivity and hopefully inspire people every day even if it’s in the slightest way. 

Clout: How do you feel about social media in general—do you see it as a positive or negative?

Roman: Social media can be both positive and negative. It’s heavy on both ends in my opinion, but I only focus on the positive side of things because any negativity or hate can really drown someone. I find so much inspiration on social media, it’s one huge magazine of life that I constantly scroll through for new ideas, or just to get away for a second and be entertained. It’s an absolutely outstanding platform for business as well, so in any sense of marketing it is a huge tool in this era. 

Clout: Do you have a life mantra or motto?

Roman: My motto in life is definitely “always find light in darkness.” It sounds cheesy but it is the truest thing that keeps me up even when I’m feeling down. There could be 100 things to be upset about and feel defeated by, but if I can latch on to something positive to get me through it then I can come out on top 10/10 times.

Clout: That’s a great tip. Do you have any other advice for someone young who wants to start a business, or their career?

Roman: Advice for anyone starting off with any business or career would be to never give up, don’t listen to anyone hating or giving negative energy, and be unapologetically yourself. 

Clout: What impact do you want to make on the world, or those around you?Roman: An impact I want to make on the world would be to simply make people really happy while having a great time. I think one of the most powerful things someone can do for someone is bring happiness. That’s something that is priceless, and I’m down to give all that energy while styling out simultaneously. That’s why I was so passionate about nightlife, it gave me the opportunity to bring joy to my people.

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