Priyanka Chopra recalls the time when her father banned her from wearing tight clothes! News

Priyanka Chopra recalls the time when her father banned her from wearing tight clothes!

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Time icon April 3, 2020

The international icon Priyanka Chopra shares memories of her father when he banned her from wearing tight clothes!

Everyone who knows the actress Priyanka Chopra knows that she was very close to her father. She even has a tattoo that says, ‘Daddy’s lil girl’. In a recent interview, the actress has revealed how she once had an ego clash with her father.

Talking about her coming back to the country after her studies, she told Tatler Magazine, “I’d left as a 12-year-old flat-chested, curly-haired kid and I came back as a 16-year-old almost-woman. I think my dad was really shaken up by that. He didn’t know what to do with me for the first couple of weeks.”

PeeCee went on to reveal how boys started following her after school which made her father put bars on her windows and ban her from wearing tight clothes. “We had a big clash of egos,” added the actress.

But still he was the actress’ biggest support and her best friend. Priyanka recalled his words when he told her, “No matter what you do, good, bad, or ugly, you can come and tell me. I will help you fix it. I won’t judge you, I will be always be in your corner. I’ll always be on your team.”

For those who don’t know the actress has completed her schooling in the US. “I was fascinated by the high schools in America, where they had lockers and no uniforms, and girls were wearing make-up and shaving their legs and having their eyebrows done in 8th grade,” said Priyanka.

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