Princess Diana's Jewelry Was A Symbol Of Her Independence, Says The Crown's Costume Dept

Princess Diana’s Jewelry Was A Symbol Of Her Independence, Says The Crown’s Costume Dept

There are only a few jobs where you would have to take care of every little detail, so much so that for mere buttons, a five-hour deep dive in tiny vintage treasure troves would be necessary. But being a part of The Crown’s costume department is not easy.

The department even takes care of minute details, for instance, the thread used for buttons to the lining of the garment. We know that season five was wrapped around Diana and the drama of the royal family as she became more estranged from them. After some weeks of research, the team landed on a Diana algorithm.

It was a way for them to find out what would the late Princess wear today. Amy shared how there are several intimate moments that they would never know. There are also clearance issues that make the replication of certain royal looks legally difficult.

Especially with jewelry, they had difficulty but their secret weapon was Susan Caplan. Caplan’s luxury vintage showroom was described as Aladdin’s cave. For the fifth season; Caplan gave the pearl and the sapphire choker that Elizabeth Debicki wears as Diana in her “revenge dress”.

Susan shared that it was a wonderful challenge for her as she laced up tens of archive pearls onto the choker with the help of an expert “stringer”. Initially, when Diana was gifted a brooch by Queen Mother on her wedding day; she redefined the huge sapphire with two rows of diamonds into a seven-strand necklace. This meant she was taking control of her own narrative.

Diana was finding her fashion identity through the costumes as she became less “palacised”. The Princess’ favorite piece was Chanel’s earrings without their logo; which helped others to experiment with costume jewelry back in the 80s and 90s.

Then the latter decade had Diana dive into a minimalist wardrobe.


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