Prime Hydration by Logan Paul and KSI Being Resold For 5x The Price on eBay

Logan Paul and KSI took the internet by storm when they came together as business partners to launch their very own hydration drink – PRIME.

One fierce rivals, Logan Paul and KSI have now turned into great buddies. Recently, they went underecover at a Walmart store as the employees of Prime Hydration and tried to sell the drink to customers.

Prime Hydration Drink is priced at $30 per 12 pk. The hype for Prime seems to be very real as the duo sold out the entire stock of the drink when it launched in America within 4 hours of launch.

Five Times The Original Price

Now, Logan Paul and KSI have encountered another problem, i.e, the PRIME hydration resellers. Their hydration drink is not available in many stores and as they plan to restock the retail shelves, the price of PRIME has shot up in the secondary markerplace.

On eBay, there are many sellers who have listed PRIME hydration drink at 5x the original price. Logan and KSI have taken notice of the situation and requested fans not to buy PRIME from the secondary market as they work towards restocking the shelves.

Logan Paul And KSI React

Logan Paul took to his official Twitter handle and wrote: so @PrimeHydrate is selling at 5x the price on the secondary market

KSI took to his official Instagram handle and posted a story. He captioned it “I Beg You to just wait for Prime to be in your country and not overpay on secondary markets”.

How do you think this will affect PRIME? Will Logan Paul and KSI come up with a better strategy to tackle the reselling problem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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