Preston Dent launches Panaromic Vision Lifestyle blog News

Preston Dent launches Panaromic Vision Lifestyle blog

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Time icon September 3, 2021

Hollywood-based filmmaker and Best-Selling Amazon Author Preston Dent launched ‘Panoramic Vision Lifestyle’ magazine. Panoramic Vision Lifestyle is a high-energy Magazine focusing on documenting stories without compromise.

Preston Dent is CEO of Panoramic Vision Films, Early Bird Writers Group, and Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine.  

Preston Dent is a natural-born visionary, and the creation of ‘Panoramic Vision Lifestyle magazine is an organic extension of his creative genius. Preston Dent’s films and books connect with a vast audience, and its content illuminates life’s truest afflictions and most incredible moments.  

Preston Dent’s movement is unorthodox, mentally stimulating, psychologically empowering, and socially motivating. Preston Dent’s unparalleled capacity to combine rage, taboo subjects, twisted love triangles, lesbian entanglement, child trafficking, and family unity engineers undeniable art.

Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine represents the new interactive digital age of journalism. PVL Magazine narrates stories on social justice, technology, black excellence, music, politics, Hollywood, movies, business, and emerging filmmakers.  

Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine’s foundation lies within authenticity and fearlessness. PVL Magazine podcast division provides a voice to topics that are at the epicenter of today’s problems. PVL Magazine podcast series employs bold, epic, and decadent hosts who create new lanes of conversation. 

Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Magazine music division’s focal point is airing music of unsigned artists and documenting their aspirational journey to triumph. PVL Magazine is a community-driven brand and maintains deep philanthropic initiatives in 2021.  

Preston Dent understands his God-given gift of vision and responsibility to the next generation of creators. Preston Dent’s life story is not PG-rated and intended for mature audiences. Gang violence, drug dealer war stories, street dreams, power of the dollar, incarceration, Hip-Hop, and unwavering faith in oneself fuels his incalculable ambition.

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