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Presenter Nick Knowles And BBC Resolve Issues; Nick Set To Return For DIY SOS Role In 2022

TV presenter Nick Knowles will return to his DIY SOS career following reports that he was in danger of appearing in a Shreddies TV commercial.

He will resume recording in the months to come and will return to the screens in the year 2022.

But Nick will have to miss out on a special Children In Need charity ep later this year as the ad campaign continues.

Issues Resolved

A joint statement said: “Nick and the BBC have resolved the recently reported issue of Nick’s trade agreements and BBC guidelines.”

A report in The Sun last week said his trading commerical agreement threatened to violate company rules.

The Background

Knowles, who has been in charge of the BBC’s home improvement program since 1999, presented the 30-second Shreddies ad as a family-friendly builder, while describing himself as “Nick ‘get it done’ Knowles’.

The BBC’s editorial guidelines say: “Actors and artists who perform in BBC output should not appear in promotional work, including advertisements, in a way which mimics or replicates their on-air roles for the BBC.”

The statement added: “As the campaign progresses, Nick will be returning to a special DIY SOS Children in Need this year but will return to our screen in 2022.”

‘Never Taken For Granted’

In a statement, Nick concluded: “I’ve always said that DIY SOS is more than just a job of presenting to me, it’s part of me, it’s my heart and I’ve been working for the BBC for more than 22 years something I’ve never taken for granted.

“The DIY SOS Children In Need special will play in November with a guest presenter and I will be entertaining them from the sides.”

“I urge you all to focus on the build which will ensure the children get much needed help, not about who is presenting the show. I will continue filming new episodes of DIY SOS over the coming months and will be back on your screens with the purple shirts next year.”

In a separate statement, the BBC added that he was “an important member of the BBC family”, and “it is gratifying that the matter has been resolved”.

It continued: “We will resume recording DIY SOS as soon as it is safe to do so Nick will return to our screen in 2022.”

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