Possible Trade Destinations For Zach Lavine

Possible Trade Destinations For Zach Lavine

The NBA off-season trades will be commencing soon and with the plethora of stars who are free agents (restricted/unrestricted) this summer. There are teams who are just a piece away from becoming championship contenders like the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. But there is one player in particular who is displeased with his role in the Chicago Bulls and seeks to play for some other team. That player is none other than Zach Lavine.

Zach Lavine was considered to be only a role player who could slash and shoot 3s. So, in his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he was only a bench player. His real shot came once he was in Chicago. He developed into an All-Star, making 2 All-Star appearances so far. He is known for his ability to make 3-point shots and slash to the rim. On top of that he had improved his dribbling skills which further improved his value.

Having not hit his prime as of yet, there is still room for Lavine to develop into the primary option or the secondary option of a championship contending team. This season, Lavine has put up averages of 24.4 points, 4.6 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game. So of course, he will be a valuable piece for any team.

Looking at some of the teams where his skill set will be valuable are,

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks need another ball handler who can take the scoring pressure off Luka. Zach Lavine would be a terrific fit for the mavericks as he can play off the ball and with the ball as well. His slashing ability will come in handy coupled with his 3-point shooting which goes with the Mavericks’ culture. His defense might be a bit of a question mark but Mavericks have more than enough players to cover for him.

Los Angeles Lakers

Making LeBron play the Point Guard position and Lavine as Shooting Guard will definitely benefit the Lakers. Although he might not be very clutch but his ability to continuously score in the middle will definitely be a bonus point for the Lakers. Lavine can also make plays for his teammates which can provide relief to LeBron in between. Defense will be a question mark but he is not as poor a defender as Russell Westbrook. The trio of LeBron, AD and Lavine will tear up the league.

Miami Heat

The Heat are blessed with a good number of two-way players. But apart from Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro, the rest of them need a lot of work. Bringing in Zach Lavine would solve their scoring problem by a huge margin. Lavine’s skill set as a scoring machine would definitely be welcomed in such a defensive centric team. Lavine might actually be the piece which makes the Miami Heat a champion.

Utah Jazz

With news of Donovan Mitchell supposably attempting to get out of Utah Jazz, it will open up opportunity for Zach Lavine to play in the shooting guard position. Having defensive minded players in the Jazz will certainly help his case. On top of that the Jazz have players who are defensively well-rounded but have a tendency to choke in the biggest stage. Zach Lavine will be a fresh new presence in the Jazz and maybe they can build around him.

With Zach Lavine’s future still up in the air, it’s a question of where he is going to land. Of course if he decides to stay in Chicago, then they will be in position to compete for the championship as well. It all comes down to Lavine’s decision. Such a decision is crucial for any NBA player’s career as it can make or break their legacy in a huge way.

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