Possible outcomes of Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar after SummerSlam

For a very long time, Roman Reigns has served as the company’s spokesperson. He was initially promoted as a baby face, but the audience rejected it; nevertheless, when he was pushed as a heel, it was successful. Most of the people are routing for Brock, but the chances of him being the winner is less than Reigns.

Chance of building up for the big match

Like appeared to be impossible about a month ago, but now it appears that there may be some relief. As a result, there are reports circulating that The Rock won’t have any movie commitments for the first quarter of 2023. In retrospect, this would allow him the chance to promote his XFL League and have the ideal match at Wrestlemania with Roman Reigns. The WWE, however, is renowned for trolling its audience, so they could opt to induct The Rock into the Hall of Fame in 2023 rather than have him compete at Wrestlemania. We don’t yet know what The Rock has planned for that time frame. We can only hope that he will agree to have a match with Reigns at the showcase of the immortals.

Hints of Brock Lesnar retiring

Roman Reigns during an interview did mention that it might be the last time of him facing “The Beast”. The previous time SmackDown aired, Brock Lesnar was the topic of discussion since, according to some rumours, he walked out of WWE after learning of Vince McMahon’s retirement. A few hours before to Smackdown, Vince made his decision to leave the WWE public. According to reports, Lesnar left WWE after being shocked by the choice. However, the WWE veteran came back to finish the show. This could mean that he might quit the company after the changes going on right now.

Randy Orton’s part?

Originally scheduled match was between Reigns and Orton at SummerSlam 2022. But due to a back injury, Orton had to take a break from wrestling. This was one of the main reasons for Brock Lesnar to return. There was a storyline planned for RK-Bro brawling out with the The Bloodline, post SummerSlam as it was hinted earlier before the critical injury which led Orton to miss out of action. The Usos and the RK-Bro were heading on for a showdown, but most likely it was hinted that The Bloodline would have won the whole rivalry during this time.

Future Projects of Roman Reigns: Predictions

According to rumours, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre will compete for the undisputed belts. Drew Mcintyre will put up a valiant effort, but he will not succeed in taking home the crowns. Omos will currently be the only opponent who is more suitable for the Saudi Arabian public. Therefore, Omos may face Roman Reigns in a David vs. Goliath bout for the Undisputed Titles yet still lose. Cody Rhodes would have had the Money In The Bank briefcase for a while, but rather than just cashing it out at any time, he will act honorably as a babyface and battle Roman Reigns for the championships.

They will have a fantastic match, but in the middle of it, The Rock will make a stunning comeback and cost Roman Reigns the belts. A plot involving The Rock can be established following the end of Roman Reigns’ protracted title reign.

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