Pooja Hegde Shares Her COVID Survival Journey And Emphasizes On Post Recovery Care News

Pooja Hegde Shares Her COVID Survival Journey And Emphasizes On Post Recovery Care

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Time icon May 20, 2021

Pooja Hegde was tested for Covid-19 on April 26, and now after her successful recovery earlier this month, the actor calls herself “lucky” to have survived with minor symptoms.

Sharing her own Covid-battle, the actor says, “It was a crazy time. The experience of losing your sense of smell was a very strange feeling. Except that I was very good at everything. ”

What Did She Say?

The 30-year-old, who went on social media to share her recovery on May 5, is much better now, however, says she does not allow her caution to lessen in severity and continues to take all necessary steps.

“I am feeling good now. I was lucky and one of the fortunate ones to have not very bad case and I had very mild symptoms. I am okay now,” she says, adding, “I have been little careful even after testing negative. I did not overexert myself because they say it is important to take care of yourself after you recove

‘Post Recovery Care Is Very Important’

Speaking about her experience, Hegde emphasizes that everyone who has recovered from Covid, should be very careful going forward as there is a chance of going back.

“Post recovery care is very important,” she points and elaborates, “You have to drink a lot of water. Even your skin and hair become very dry. You energy levels dip and you feel down. So, you need to take care of these things by eating very well. That is very important. It is just so that you don’t get a relapse. Your body has fought a lot, the infection… and it needs to have its down time and get the rest to fully recover.”

The actor, whose films include Radhe Shyam and Cirkus in the pipeline, wants people to remember a few things post of Covid.

“Keep track of your oxygen levels, and keep an eye out for pulse oximeter. I think there are no very small details. You have to make sure you take care of yourself because you never know when things will change, ”she concluded with a warning.

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