Pokimane Suggests Twitch To Launch A Kids-Version Of The Streaming Platform

Pokimane is one of the most popular female streamers in the world. She has amassed a massive fan following, thanks to her fun, energetic, and crazy streams.

However, the new year 2022 hasn’t been the most friendly to her so far. Pokimane was recently streaming Valorant with her fellow streamers when a rush of comments started appearing in her chat. These were all comments that were spamming the chat with L + RATIO” comments because another streamer by the name of Jidion had instructed them to raid Poki’s stream. Essentially, it was a hate raid directed towards Pokimane.

What Did Pokimane Say?

And now, Pokimane talked about the idea of having a kids-friendly and children-specific version of Twitch to prevent the hate raids and toxicity getting to the youngsters.

“Okay, maybe the way Twitch should manage it is all kids should be on kids version of the apps and platforms, that … just include things that have to go through a filter, so they’re more acceptable for children,” she said.

She explained that the young audience on the internet gets heavily impacted by the hate raids and the toxicity that is widespread on Twitch these days.

“Kids on the internet will regurgitate absolutely everything, even if they have no idea what they’re saying,” the Moroccan-Canadian star added. “It’s a shame.”

‘Its A Shame’

“When I first started playing online games I was 11 or 12, along those lines. I remember my experience first going on the internet was great,” she said.

“I made friends in these games, we did quests together. It was wholesome. Even though they were older, it was a nice, sweet experience. Memories I will treasure forever. Maybe that’s why I grew up so I didn’t harass people for no reason.”

“[What I see these days] isn’t what I want,” she said. “When I saw all these kids harassing me, it’s a shame. They don’t even know they’re being used by others.”

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