Pokimane Reveals One Reason Why She Will Move To YouTube Gaming

Pokimane is one of the best Twitch streamers on the planet. She is regarded as the ‘Queen of streaming’ and her streams are always fun, engaging, and interactive.

Recently, there has been a big debate regarding which platform is the best for streamers – YouTube Gaming or Twitch. While many successful names of Twitch have moved to YouTube Gaming, the latest one being Ludwig, Twitch still holds the highest market share.

Pokimane recently addressed the ongoing streaming exclusivity war and revealed one reason that would make her leave Twitch and shift to YouTube Gaming.

What Did Pokimane Say?

Pokimane shared the time when she had to make a decision between streaming on YouTube and Twitch. The social media star ended up choosing Twitch and here’s the reason why:

“Two years ago, when I had to first choose between Twitch and YouTube, you know what I decided off of? Not which platform would give me more money. Not which platform was nicer to me. But which platform I would have more f**king fun on!” she revealed.

One Reason She Would Move To YouTube

However, even though the streamer has more fun streaming on Twitch, that does not mean she will never move to YouTube Gaming. While money and respect can be one factor to move to YouTube, Pokimane regards them not too important. She said:

“I’ll stream on f**king everything. Or I’ll switch to YouTube because I want more of a mainstream audience. But what I wanted was to have a good a** time, and you guys are a good a** time,” she told her chat.

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