Pokimane Confesses That She Regrets Losing Her Early 20s By Streaming On Twitch

Twitch streaming is a passion for many. And Pokimane is one amongst such streamers. She is one of the most popular female streamers on the Amazon-owned platform. However, she has confessed that her career as Twitch streamer might be one of her biggest regrets. Why is that so?

Pokimane revealed her regret being a Twitch influencer in her latest stream by saying “I don’t know myself anymore”.

Pokimane thinks that she has lost her youth and early 20s to streaming, without doing much travelling or exploring that normal 20 year olds should be doing.

‘I Have Been Static’

“The weird thing is I just woke up one day, and I had this immense feeling. I grew up streaming, I started streaming when I was 17 years old. And I never really allowed myself to have a normal life. One day I woke up and “Boom!” I was 25, and I’d never really done the things I had planned to do.”

“In your 20s, you’re supposed to explore yourself, the world, all that, and I felt like I’ve been static. All that basic sh*t. I thought, f**k, when do I get to live life?”

The Twitch chat tried to cheer up a seemingly lost and dejected Pokimane but the streamer continued with her candid rant. She also told her fans about her intentions to take more breaks and travel more in the days to come.

More Breaks And Travels

Pokimane also said that she had “lost touch with everything that made [her] feel good”

“I looked at my closet, and I was basically just like “Yuck!” and chucked everything out. It really was like that for everything. I took a step back and had to figure out where I wanted to be mentally, personality-wise. It’s why I’ve been streaming less, doing more things with people, trying to get a grip on who I am.

“I don’t split Imane and Pokimane too much, but I’ve been trying to. I’ll take more breaks, travel more, all that kind of stuff that I think I really need to be doing.”

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