PM Boris Johnson Pictured Having A Wine and Cheese Party During 2020 Lockdown

In the picture published by The Guardian, we see Britain’s PM, his wife Carrie, and his colleagues having wine and cheese outside during an afternoon meet. It allegedly happened after a news conference in which the then health secretary, Matt Hancock, outlined the latest lockdown restrictions.

This photo, showing a social event for conservatives from Friday, May 15, 2020 has recently emerged and is currently under investigation for breaches of coronavirus regulations. Boris Johnson was apparently here for 15 minutes with his wife and newborn child in the Downing Street garden during the lockdown period.

Rules at the time allowed only two people from different households to meet outside in a socially distanced manner, according to ITV. Earlier that very day, the then health secretary had urged people in a Covid briefing to “stay at home as much as is possible,” even in cases of pleasant weather conditions outside.

“As we said last week, work meetings often take place in the Downing Street garden in the summer months. On this occasion there were staff meetings following a Number 10 press conference. Downing Street is the prime minister’s home as well as his workplace. The prime minister’s wife lives in Number 10 and therefore also legitimately uses the garden.” a spokesman declared.

Following the release of these pictures by the Daily Mirror, Shaun Bailey, the then London Mayor, has since then apologised “unreservedly” for the event and has quit his role as the chair of the London Assembly’s police and crime committee. Responding to the latest claims about Mr Johnson, Downing Street stated that he “briefly” met Matt Hancock and his team in the garden. They also elaborated that the garden was indeed used “regularly” for work meetings during summer.

The Guardian has reported through some sources that about 20 staff members were there, drinking wine and spirits and eating pizza after a press conference on the day of, with some people in offices inside No 10 and others going into the garden. The Metropolitan Police informed that it would contact two people who attended a gathering organised by Shaun Bailey’s London mayoral campaign at the Conservative Party headquarters on December 14, 2020 as well.

This issue has attracted a lot of traction on social media in the past few days. #oneruleforthem was a trending hashtag earlier today, with people demanding that there should not just be one rule for us and none for those in power.

Sneh Dokania is an Economics major student with an inquisitive disposition seeking to articulate facts, information and news stories in a candid manner on Clout News.

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