‘Please Help Me’: CopperCab Cries Miserably After YouTube Channel Suspension

The YouTuber that made the world laugh with their meme masterpiece that went viral in 2010 is now crying.

CopperCab is largely known for their ‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ meme that was breaking the internet a decade ago in 2010. The YouTube channel of CopperCab was also massively successful and crossed more than 300,000 subscribers.

But everything was shattered to pieces when CopperCab’s YouTube channel was deleted without any proper explanation from YouTube.

‘Help Me Get My Channel Back’

CopperCab took to Twitter to ask YouTube the reason for channel deletion. He said:

Please @TeamYouTube help me get my channel back.

I feel so lost right now. My channel was just terminated suddenly and I feel like a piece of me has been cut out. I’ve been on YouTube since 2010.

If there is any way I can get my channel back please let me know. Please help me

YouTube did pay attention to a horribly crying CopperCab and sent CopperCab an inbox regarding why the channel was suspended.

YouTube reasoned that CopperCab had repeatedly violated community guidelines of the platform and thereby the channel could not be reinstated. After this e-mail, CopperCab was not allowed to reply as well.

No Reply From YouTube

With no more options left, CopperCab tweet to YouTube support once again. The reply has not yet arrived and the YouTuber claims they have no idea about what piece of content was a ‘violation’ of YouTube guidelines.

CopeprCab stands ready to delete any content that violates YouTube community guidelines and is striving hard to save his years long legacy built on YouTube. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Shaheer is passionate about living a life seeking un-ending knowledge, philomath, as you may think of him. He's a student of Finance and a keen observer of Business and Indian-Political scenario who takes pleasure to pen down his views and opinions on the same. As his guiding mantra to life, ‘Come what may , life goes on’ helps.

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  1. algorithm_guy

    They say he ‘failed to delete comments from his live stream which violated Youtube policies’

    Youtube will flag your videos and channels for things users say. I guess keeping comments disabled and never live streaming is the only way to stay safe.

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